What makes Claddit Decorative Wall Cladding the BEST slate, stone, brick and wood panel wall cladding on the market

Decades of Manufacturing Experience
Claddit’s decorative wall panels have been developed over more than a decade to resemble their natural counterparts flawlessly. Whether slate, stone, wood or brick, you won’t be able to tell them apart from the real thing.

Authentic Look: an exact replica of slate, stone, wood and brick

Because we manufacture these beautiful panels ourselves from industrial-strength polyurethane, our wall cladding is sustainable, providing the beautiful look and “touch me” feel of naturally occurring slate, stone and wood without depleting the natural resources of these attractive materials.

Flexible wall panels

Claddit’s lightweight panels are coated with a supple Jesmonite coating combined with crushed granite powder and a strong bonding agent to provide an all-weather waterproof coating. The specialised polyurethane used to create Claddit’s panels was originally designed for military use and results in a high-density flexible inner core.

Versatile for a range of applications

Nature-identical slate, stone brick or wood panels look fantastic on patios and enhance any outdoor wall. Our beautiful panels make eye-catching feature walls in living areas and offices alike, imbuing your space with style.

Safety First

We have built in added safety features by ensuring that no part of you Claddit wall cladding panels will fuel a fire. While the panels themselves will melt at extreme inferno temperatures, our products have a high thermal coefficient, making them flame retardant.

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