Installing your decorative wall cladding is stress-free

Claddit’s lightweight decorative wall cladding panels weigh in at just 4-7kg, making them easy to handle and move.

The panels can be adapted to any space with ease. Each panel measures approximately 1 metre squared, and the flexible, industrial-strength polyurethane is easy to cut and shape.

While our clever panel-interlocking system is fool-proof enough to be installed by a single person, Claddit also offers a professional installation service, ensuring that your feature wall looks exactly the way you’ve planned it to look.

Installation is a neat and tidy affair: once the panels are secured in place, acrylic sealant is applied between the cracks. We then touch up the joins with a light coat of paint, making the join undetectable.

Claddit panels and every part of the installation use non-toxic materials. So you can enjoy your beautiful space straight away. No mess, no fuss, no fumes.

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